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Company profile

Hunan Xingchen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located at the southwestern part of Hunan Province, Yongzhou City, which is the joint area of the three provinces (Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi). It enjoys a superior geographic position, and the traffic leads to all directions. As high-speed railways are open continually, within several hours, people here can reach Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Shenzhen and other domestic significant cities, which further draws closer the distance between Yongzhou and the world.

      Yongzhou has a long history and a rich culture, as well as an extraordinarily beautiful environment. Thanks to its location at the upper reaches of the Xiang River and the mountain terrain, its air and water here are free from pollution, and form an ideal place for Chinese medicinal herb planting. Owing to the special climate and geographic position, the production output and artemisinin content of artemisia apiacea planted in Yongzhou are higher than those in other areas of China. Now, Yongzhou already becomes one of the optimal areas for artemisia apiacea planting in China.


      Established in May 2008 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB, Hunan Xingchen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. covers a floor area of over 30,000. It is a municipal-level leading agricultural industrialization enterprise, as well as an external oriented enterprise which has the self-managerial import and export right and is engaged in the Chinese medicinal herb extraction. Its products are sold well in Europe, India, Africa and other overseas markets. Xingchen Biotechnology's annual production of artemisinin already amounts to 80t, accounting for over 20% of the total volume domestically.


     Talent is the foundation for enterprise's survival and development. Hunan Xingchen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has 8 senior engineers dealing with plant extraction R&D and 12 engineering technology management staffs. The company mainly produces artemisinin, rosemary oil, rosmarinic acid, and carnosic acid. Besides, it is now developing magnolol and honokiol, atropa belladonna extract, etc.


     After the unremitting endeavors of technical staff, the company has constant and effective transformation to the traditional production techniques. Thereby, its product yield rate is higher than that of domestic similar enterprises, and its product quality and cost contribute to the company's strong marketing competition.

     Quality materials are the assurance of high product quality. Since 2010, our company has invested a large amount of fund, cooperate with Hunan Agricultural University and Artepharm Co., Ltd., China, and intensively spread and planted new artemisia apiacea varieties. We have established Yongzhou Xingchen, Daoxian Xingchen and Xintian Wanfu Artemisia Apiacea Planting Farmer Professional Cooperatives in Lengshuitan District, Daoxian and Xintian respectively, and built our own planting bases. Every year, the artemisia apiacea planting area reaches 70,000mu (about 46.66 km2).


     The company sets up its own product R&D center. It not only has well-experienced inspection engineers and scientific research technicians, but also introduces SHIMADZU liquid phase, gas chromatograph, and other high-end analytical instruments. The enterprise's product standards strictly comply with the national latest pharmacopeia. Besides, Xingchen Biotechnology makes monitoring control to the different working procedures in production process for the quality supervision of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and other aspects. The reliable product quality earns good reputation for the company.


     In adherence to the principle of "people orientation, technical innovation, customer foremost, and quality first", Hunan Xingchen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. makes mutual benefits and common development with friends from all walks of life on the basis of quality services and favorable prices, offers quality medicine materials, food additives and other products to customers, and makes its own contribution to the human beings' health and social progress!

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