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Rosemary extract
Rosemary, Latin name (Rosmarinus officinalis) Labiatae shrub.

Fond of warm climate, native to Europe and the Mediterranean coast of africa. In the period of Wei dynasty had introduced to China. Now in the garden with application sometimes.

Rosemary extract is a pure natural plant extract from the plant:

1) Water soluble rosemary antioxidant - Rosemary acid;

2) Lipid soluble rosemary antioxidant - Carnosic acid;
Rosemary antioxidant has high efficiency, safe, non-toxic, stable, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, widely used in food additives, cosmetics, seafood, medicine, health products, soft capsules, natural pigment, tobacco, edible oil, beverage, feed additives, pet food and other industries.

3) Pharmaceutical intermediates - Ursolic acid;
Ursolic acid has sedative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti diabetic, anti ulcer, reduce blood sugar, antioxidant and other functions, widely used in medicine, cosmetics raw materials.

4)100% pure rosemary essential oil;
Rosemary essential oil is a kind of liquid oil of 30 kinds of volatile components, 100% pure natural plant essential oil.
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